Using Cialis in Bodybuilding

Cialis is a very popular and well-known drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and BPH. However, many young men who don’t have any problems in this area also take the medication for very different reasons.

One particular group of men who may turn to Cialis for a reason that have nothing to do with their sexual performance is bodybuilders. This information may be surprising for some people to hear, but bodybuilders have found Cialis to be useful before and during workouts in a number of ways.

Some of these young men turn to Cialis as an alternative to coffee, supplements or traditional steroids. They do this based on the idea that Cialis increases blood flow, which is a proved medical fact, and thus should improve their energy levels and performance. Some of these men also believe that Cialis accelerates their metabolism and improves recovery, allowing them to build muscle without feeling as much of an after-effect.

Sportsmen may be onto something because research has proven that Cialis may have certain health benefits beyond treating sexual and prostate conditions. In fact, it is said to boost lipid metabolism and protein synthesis.

More than that, tadalafil, which is the main component of Cialis pills, has also been shown to have a positive effect on muscle degeneration, which may help delay the development of certain degenerative diseases but is also quite useful when trying to build muscle mass.

One last good reason for bodybuilders to use Cialis is actually related to BPH. While some young men use Cialis as a substitute for testosterone — for instance when they are dealing with low-T — or anabolic steroids, others need Cialis because of those anabolic steroids and the adverse effects they have on the body. In fact, prolonged use of anabolic steroids, which are popular among both athletes and bodybuilders, can lead to an enlarged prostate, which is similar to what BPH patients go through.

BPH is a condition that normally only affects men who are over 40 or even 50 years of age, which means the wear and tear that anabolic steroids cause to bodybuilders’ bodies speeds up the degradation of their prostate and leads them to start treatment much sooner than they would otherwise.

Given this information, and seeing as the use of steroids is likely to lead young men to prostate problems, among other possible complications, it is easy to see why Cialis is looked upon as a much safer alternative, especially when taken in smaller doses.

Possible side effects are of course to be expected in some individuals. For example, bodybuilders taking Cialis have reported having unwanted erections at the gym. A better performance and achieving the desired results in a shorter period of time, however, still make this drug quite popular among both professional and amateur athletes.

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