Steroids for Bodybuilding: to Use or Not to Use…

Many people get amazed to know how the body operates, how the bones and muscles function together and how they grow. Many individuals who engage in sports, especially bodybuilding, want to build an attractive body with large muscles. So there is no surprise that using steroids is a choice that many sportsmen make. Many bodybuilders as well as NFL players and professional wrestlers use steroids, and they become bigger, stronger and faster than ever in quite a short time.

Steroids help you to have extreme muscle growth and also extra strength, but the big question that many ask is if there are safe ways to use these potentially harmful drugs. Many people have a belief that using steroids is 100% bad for them, and others believe that, if used properly, steroids can be much beneficial and relatively safe in achieving the desired results.

Steroids are available in various forms. They can be in a liquid form that gets injected into the bloodstream and also they can be in pill and even cream forms. The pill form is believed to have more side effects, especially when it comes to the harm done to the liver.

Steroids are organic compounds that our body produces in small amounts naturally. Steroids for medical purposes are manufactured in labs. Each steroid type is somehow distinct in its atom and structure arrangement and has a bit different effects. So athletes can use different steroids for different purposes – to quickly gain muscle mass, to dramatically improve physical strength, etc.

There are basic precautions for anyone who has decided to start using steroids:

  1. Make sure you are above 24 years before making such a decision. When you are below 24, steroids may inhibit natural skeletal growth that is still going on in your early 20s. Steroids at an early age may also disrupt the hormonal system and mess with the reproductive one.
  2. Have a full medical check-up. You should contact a doctor before using steroids to make sure that you are not taking too much risk. Many bodybuilders ignore this step as you can hardly find a doctor who will give anyone the green light to start using steroids for a nonmedical purpose. But at least you need to have a check-up and make sure you don’t have any chronic disease that can worsen because of steroids.
  3. Keep your dosage at an absolute minimum. Excess usage of steroids is very likely to result in some hideous health problems, some of which are impotence, swollen nipples and gynecomastia, and bloated bellies that are common among bodybuilders using steroids.

The question whether to use or not to use steroids boils down to your current state of health and what you want to achieve in sport. If you’re an amateur bodybuilder who doesn’t plan to go professional, there is no need to put yourself at risk, as steroids bear potential health harm. However, the answer to this question is always up to you. After all, it’s your health and your life.